The Buyer’s Guide: How to Rent To Own

Like most people searching to buy their first house, home buyers are often disappointed when their search ends shortly after it begins. Everything from rising housing costs to little money set aside for closing fees and down payment. Buyers quickly find their dream of homeownership going down the drain.If you have run into any of these problems when searching for a home to buy, renting with the option to own may be the solution you have been looking for.Follow these 3 steps in our Rent … [Read more...]

The Perks of Rent to Own Homes

Nowadays, it is very difficult to actually buy a brand new house. When people apply for a housing loan in order to buy their dream place, chances are you get declined by the bank due to the extremely high amount of money and credit you need.Unlike when you go for a loan for rent to own homes which you get for a lower price, so the amount you will need from the creditors is lower and your loan application is more likely to get approved.When you decide to buy a lease option, there are many … [Read more...]

Increases in Rental Fees

If you are leasing a rental home, it is possible that at some point the owner will increase the rental fee.In most rent to own home agreements, any increases in rental fees are agreed to upfront. But you have the right to question every term included in the contract before signing.In any case, a lease option is one of the easiest ways to acquire a property. Because this method is usually affordable and flexible to fit your unique financial situation.Sure you want to buy a brand new … [Read more...]

Rent to Own Property: How to Find Good Tenants

Real estate properties are usually considered  an investment. As an owner, you would want your investment to work for you.In deciding to find occupants for your rent to own homes, you would prefer someone who will take care of the property as much as you did. It is a difficult task to find tenants who will value the property and take care of it as their own during the rental process.Initial evaluation of tenants is important thus; apart from their capacity to pay the expenses, their … [Read more...]

Common Problems of Buyers of Rent to Own Homes

Buyers of rent to own houses should not simply sign into an agreement without thinking carefully of what they are getting into. Rent to own homes are becoming a popular way to acquire real estate properties.Even if it seems to be an easy transaction and practical deal that is worth your money, you should be able to foresee problems that you might encounter along the way.If you are able to realize these possible difficulties that will go along your way in buying the rent to own house, you … [Read more...]

Inclusions in Rent to Own House Contract

Before looking for tenants of your rent to own property, make sure that everything is planned out by being ready with the rent to own contract or agreement.Contracts can be very technical, so, it is advisable to seek assistance from a legal counsel or a lawyer. This will also serve as your protection and your property so as not to be taken advantage of.If you have no background in law or public administration that can at least help you make a draft of your rent to own house, you should … [Read more...]

Becoming a Landlord of Rent to Own House

As an owner of a rent to own house, you have a passive source of income since you only have to find the right people to rent out the property. Payment will just come in every month on the agreed date.In fact, this is one of the highly recommended sources of income especially for people who are close to retiring from work or those who have excess properties.Instead of having the house lying there around the corner, make it work to your advantage that you are reaping the benefits of what … [Read more...]