Rent Credit – How Much Rent Goes Toward A Rent To Own Home?

We receive calls everyday from families who are interested in our rent to own properties.

It is very uncommon to find homes where 100% of the rent goes toward the purchase price.

Buyers Often Believe Every Home Offers 100% Rent Credits

More commonly, we see 20-30% of rent offered as a credit, as a generous amount. But, there is no “industry standard” or normal percentage, so when you are discussing what percent of your rent goes toward your purchase, negotiate as much as you can!

Also, make sure you review the lease and option agreements concerning your rent credits that you verbally agree on!

We have seen where some sellers make it extremely hard to actually receive the rent credit every month and paperwork where the credits aren’t even mentioned.

If rent credits are offered to you, make sure the amount is stated in your lease and option agreements!


  1. leaseOption says:

    Thank you for enlightening us with this information! I really don’t have any idea how much of the monthly rent is credited to the property when talking about rent to own homes.

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