Can the seller change the purchase price with a rent to own?

If your lease and option agreements are setup correctly, NO. The seller can not change the sales price of your rent to own home.

But be aware, some rent to own agreements include a clause that states the purchase price is increased by a small percentage every month, quarter, etc. until the tenant/buyer finally purchases the home.

Usually the idea behind this small increase is to keep you(the buyer) motivated to buy the home as quickly as possible.


This is only true DURING your option period. If your option agreement expires, not only can the owner increase the sales price, they are no longer obligated to sell the home to you!

In this case, you would end up losing your:

  • Option deposit
  • Rent credits
  • Any accrued equity

To make this less likely to take place, we recommend negotiating an extension in your option agreements.

Having lease and option agreements that protect you are VERY important when using a rent to own.

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