8 Steps to a Killer Rent to Own Deal – #1 of 8

This is the first post of an eight part series I decided to put together! If you watch all of these videos and put the information to good use, then you and your family will own a house using a rent to own home, period.

And, I hope that you do because I make these posts and videos at night instead of going to bed! The only way I could convince Megan(my wife) that I’m not wasting my time was to promise her that you will use the advice and buy a house using a rent to own! -No Pressure, lol!

Rent to Own Guide Overview

The idea of this first post is to review what will be included in this 8 part series. Also, for me to get used to recording a video and speaking, it’s a lot harder than typing!

In the video I am using a spreadsheet that was put together to make your search a little easier.

A common problem buyers face is getting emotionally attached to a house and moving forward before looking at the numbers carefully.

This spreadsheet will give you a place to put real numbers to paper so you can analyze the true quality of the potential deal. You can grab the spreadsheet to use here:
Rent to Own Killer Deal Spreadsheet

What to Expect

These are the killer things I plan to cover over the next 7 posts covering how rent to own works:

  1. The #1 site to search for rent to own homes
  2. Why Craigslist isn’t it!
  3. What everybody ought to know about calling sellers
  4. Recorded calls I personally made to sellers
  5. Seven familiar troubles that will guarantee you fail
  6. What are good numbers for option fee, option term, lease amount, and more
  7. The easy way to analyze and repair your credit
  8. The 3 things you shouldn’t fix on your credit – that most waste time and money doing
  9. Finding the right lender
  10. Why you should provide your own rent to own contracts
  11. Top 5 questions to ask your lender or finance company
  12. More free stuff and tips along the way…


  1. Just found your site today and am glad I did. I have but one suggestion to you and if you have already done so, then please disregard. I searched Amazon for an informative book on rent to own and found ONE, written in 2007. I didn’t purchase it as I know since the housing crisis really hit full swing in 2009, I wanted something with more up to date info. You should really consider writing a book about this process. This site is a Godsend for people such as myself and I know I would buy it if I had seen something a bit more recent on Amazon. Again, just a suggestion.

    • Kristina,
      Thanks for the comment! Your suggestion was right on time too! You see, I have been debating with myself if creating some type of product like an ebook would be helpful to visitors. I have actually decided to put together a more interactive guide instead of an Ebook. I find that when I buy an ebook online(or any book for that matter) I end up putting the book down if the first 20-30 pages aren’t interesting enough. I would hate for that to happen with something I put so much time into, and because readers would be missing out.
      So it will be more of a “flowchart layout” so you can easily see your progress while you are going through it. Then the majority, if not all, 49 sections will include a short video to help further explain the steps.
      Thanks for the comment!

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