8 Steps to a Killer Rent to Own Deal – #2 of 8

searching rent to own homes programHey everyone! This is step #2 of the 8-part series on how to find, rent, and buy a rent to own home. Step #1 was basically a review of what the 8-step guide is about, what you can expect to learn, and a cool FREE spreadsheet to use when analyzing homes you find.

If you missed it, you can read the post and watch the video by clicking here: rent to own program step #1. Make sure to download the free Rent to Own Killer Deal Spreadsheet to use for the next step.

What You Can Expect
In this step I go over a lot of important information! None of it involves using the spreadsheet from video #1(that’s step #3) because we aren’t evaluating deals quite yet.

In Step #2 I Am Going Over:

  • The 4 Common Scams Used on Craigslist
  • The Two Requests Most Scam Artists Have of YOU
  • My Two Favorite Sites to Search – Instead of Craigslist
  • Why You Don’t Have to Search Just “Rent to Own Homes” for a Deal
  • A SECRET Way to be the FIRST to Know About New Listings!

I cant stress to you enough how important it is to be aware of scams, especially when using Craigslist for your search. In the video below I review four common scams that are being used on Craigslist. The first three are done through email and there are TONS of variations of these three scams.

The fourth scam I go over is more of a warning about companies online that claim to provide “rent to own listings.” I have spent a lot of time online researching for reviews on rent to own sites that charge a fee to see their listings. I haven’t found ANY that look promising to me and there are a LOT of people who feel they were ripped off. If you have had success getting into a rent to own house and actually BUYING the home, please leave a comment below to let all of us know which company it was!

If you haven’t already, read the prepaid credit card review and research I did, it’s a MUST read!

If you are serious about actually BUYING a rent to own house during the lease period, then signup for one right away so the power of time will be on your side! It’s 100% guaranteed approval AND they report to credit bureaus to build your credit. Plus, you probably know the owner of the company!

You can read the review here: Build your credit with a prepaid credit card

Rent to Own Homes Video #2:

What’s Coming Up On Step #3

In the next step I am going to get into the “nuts and bolts” of a rent to own home. These are just a FEW of the things I plan to cover:

  • How to Evaluate Homes of Interest
  • Websites to use to Quickly Establish Values
  • Inserting Numbers on the spreadsheet to Determine a Quality Deal
  • What Questions to Ask When Calling the Seller/Homeowner
  • How I Negotiate the Best Deals – You Can Too!

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Cole Haynes

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