Charlie Sheen’s Twitter Following and 20,000 Rent to Own Homes

I am so excited to be able to post this update to you today!

Ok, do you remember the “about me” post when I mentioned the original purpose of starting this website?

If not, it was created simply for listing the 2-3 properties my company had available as rent to own homes at any given time. Then the “how-to articles” started making their way around the internet and traffic started pouring in.

That was an exciting surprise and realizing the need for relevant rent to own information started pulling the website in a new direction. Basically, the goal is to become THE “authority” website on rent to own houses.

So for months now I’ve been thinking about the additional VALUE that the site could provide visitors if we could show actual rent to own listings to the site. A complete resource website that offers current information and listings of rent to own houses throughout the country…Nice!

What to Expect

I’ve spent a few grueling weeks trying to figure out how to accomplish that idea and it seems we’ve finally come up with a good solution. So, as of today, we have hired a programmer who is assisting with the technical side to get us up and running!

We are adding over 250 new pages that will list rent to own homes listings across the country.

We have come up with 20,000 current listings that are being offered via rent to own. The initial setup will be somewhat basic. Once we get the system up and running we will work out any kinks and then add additional features as they’re needed.

The listings section should be totally up and running on Monday!

Charlie Sheen?

What does Charlie Sheen’s twitter account have in common with this site?

Well… he set a Guinness world record for the quickest Twitter account to reach 1 million followers! He reached a million in just 25 hours and 17 minutes.

On Monday, this website will reach around 20,000 rent to own property listings in a single day!

Lol, ok….that’s kind of a big stretch, but I’ve had writers block all day!


  1. Cole,Nice update on rent to own properties

    • Thanks, Jeff! When everything is all finalized over the next several weeks it will be closer to 40,000 homes. Very excited about the future of the site!

  2. OMG! Thank you so much for this amazing effort! You have no idea how hard of a search this is to do online and how many scam sites Ive come across and how many sites have at most 5 homes! I appreciate this very much and will be camped out on this website to see all the ‘smokin hot’ properties 😉

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