The Listings are Here! Please Read this if You’re Searching!

I’m very excited today because we finally have the free rent to own listings live on our website. The listings went live around 8pm on March 14th, 2011!

While I’m excited to be able to provide thousands of home listings throughout the Country, we have a lot of tweaking to do before I will feel like they are completely “user friendly.”

A Few Things to be Aware of

The listings are pulled from MANY classified websites all over the internet. The goal is to provide all of the web’s rent to own listings in one place, right here! But, this is turning out to be a complex task.

You see, not many websites provide an option to select “rent to own” when sellers are listing their properties. So we can’t go search around the web and easily find all of the postings that are listed rent to own, like you could do with “for sale” or “for rent” listings.

So, we(my programmer) has to setup a way to scrape through listings and their descriptions for certain keywords. If we make the search criteria to specific, we are left with very few listings. Creating a search that is to vague will allow listings to slip through that are not genuine lease to own listings. The later is the current way I am running the listings, I would rather show to many, then leave out a golden deal for you!

Current Setup

Again, we are searching all of the websites with broad search parameters to try and avoid leaving out any good rent to own deals. This is also letting properties slip through that aren’t genuine “rent to own” listings. Unfortunately, you will just have to ignore them until we can perfect the search.

Currently there is no option to select number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or price when the search returns results for you. We are working on this now, but it will be a number of days before this is complete. I wanted to go ahead and run the listings that way visitors can use what we currently have and so we can start getting feedback from you on other issues we may not be seeing.

In the end, I hope to provide a website that is FREE to families who are searching for rent to own homes.

Stay tuned and please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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