Rent To Own Classifieds | Our Progress

Well we have been working on this rent to own homes website for about six months now, around November 1, 2010.

This post is to update you on our progress over the last 6 months! Actually, only during the last 2-3 months have we realized big increases in our traffic and rankings in the SERP’s. Below is a screen shot of our Google analytics account that helps track the amount of rent to own traffic to our website each day and our progress as we continue building the site.

rent to own website visitorsAs you can see, in the last 2 months our traffic has really exploded!

Currently we have about 800 visitors per day to the website. This is great progress, but our goal is to be at 5,000 per day by the end of 2011.

We will keep you updated on progress for the rest of the year!

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