How To Sweeten The Rent To Own Deal

The rent to own option is a fantastic financing option for many homeowners who are looking to get into the house of their dreams. For those who may have credit problems, those who may not have the initial capital to purchase a home, or those who are just interested in trying the home out before they buy it, the rent to own financing option offers a fantastic opportunity to get exactly what they want.

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that you can take the basic rent to own financing option and utilize other commonly used tools in the home finance industry to sweeten the deal. Imagine being able to utilize a lease option on a home while still being able to take advantage of some of the more robust financial tools out there.

Price Negotiation

Seasoned professionals in the real estate industry know that no price is set in stone. As a home buyer, particularly in today’s market, you should be aware that you do have negotiating powers. While it takes a very skilled and highly trained real estate professional to be able to create the massive price decreases in major negotiations, you can still lower the price of your rent to own finance option by simply speaking with the homeowner.

In many cases those homeowners are trying to sell their house using the rent to own option are what we might refer to as “motivated” sellers. These motivated sellers are trying everything they can to get rid of their home. Perhaps they are behind on the mortgage, perhaps they got a new job and they simply cannot sell their homes due to the market. The point is that you as a buyer have leveraging power in the negotiation.

Negotiate For Incentives

While it may be common for many discussions surrounding real estate to be focused on price and the negotiation thereof, price isn’t the only factor to consider when moving forward with a home purchase. In the case of rent to own financing, there are many secondary incentives that a prospective home buyer could and should negotiate for to help sweeten the deal.

For example, contract length is one of the most common points of negotiation in which the buyer has the upper hand. If you were to approach a home seller who had a contract listing for 12 months (meaning that you would have to rent the house for 12 months before purchasing it) and you wanted to get an extra six months to save up money, you could potentially negotiate that contract.

This would allow you the extra time to save money, but you could also decrease the overall monthly payments since you would have an extra six months to come up with the same amount of money. Remember, many rent to own sellers are in a position to negotiate.

You might also want to consider negotiating for other terms within the contract. For example, it might be possible to negotiate for lawn care or other home and garden services to be done on the home while you are in the renting phase of the contract. Perhaps there are certain upgrades that would make the home more attractive, if there are ask for them.

Be careful to not expect too much as you might put too much pressure on the seller and lose the contract altogether, but don’t just settle for the initial proposal.


By using these simple tools that have been outlined in this article, you can sweeten the deal of any rent to own finance option contract. There really is no excuse for you to not be able to get a home of your dreams. Feel free to browse through our large selection of rent to own homes at, your dream home is awaiting!

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