Update On Recent Site Changes

Well as some of you may have noticed, our website had been making several changes over the last several days.We attempted to launch a brand new version of our site that was supposed to offer a much better experience for users. Unfortunately we have experienced some difficulty with the new version and had to remove it for the time being.If you are experiencing any unusual results on the website, especially while you are searching rent to own homes, please contact us and let us know. … [Read more...]

Is Money Going Down the Drain with Rent to Own?

Paying rent to your landlord each month is often seen as waste by those who advocate home ownership. Although, buying a house is not on everyone's list of goals.While it could be true that everyone would enjoy the potential benefits to owning a house, not everyone can afford the pricey mortgage payments, repairs, and other costs associated with buying a house.Those who can ill-afford the big down payment the lenders require  may find rent to own homes appealing. Basically rent to own … [Read more...]

How To Turn Your Real Estate Agent From Blah Into Fantastic

If this is your first time purchasing a home, you may be unaware of some of the common pitfalls that first time home buyers fall prey to.If you want to make the transition to a lease to own property, having a good real estate agent could help you to get the best deal for your money.This article will give you several tips and tricks to choosing the best real estate agent. Allow me to run you through a scenario You and your significant other decide to move towards the purchase of your … [Read more...]

The Pros And Cons Of Borrowing From A Bank To Pay For A Rent To Own Home

There are so many unique and creative financing options for those who really want to buy a home. Even if you have bad credit, there are options out there available to you.If you are looking at the rent to own financing option to purchase a home for sale, then this article will offer you several benefits. This article will cover the topic of borrowing directly from banks in order to obtain a mortgage loan required to make the final purchase on the home once the rent to own financing contract … [Read more...]

Preparing For A Rent To Own Contract

If you decide to use the rent to own financing option to purchase your home, it is important that you prepare yourself for the reality of the situation. Knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into is key, particularly when legal contracts are signed and you become liable for certain financial aspects of the contract.This article will run you through the basics of determining whether or not you are qualified for a future loan before you enter into a rent to own contract.Since the … [Read more...]

What Closing Costs Can I Expect In A Lease Option Contract?

One of the interesting things about the rent to own financing option is that it is often home owner financed. Meaning, in many cases the bank plays no role other than administrator in the entire financing of the home. While this article will outline some of the basic closing costs associated with the typical rent to own contract, it is important to be aware that the home seller can create closing costs of their own.Budgeting for closing costs is incredibly important because closing costs can … [Read more...]

How To Make A Decision On Your Down Payment In A Rent To Own Situation

For rent to own homes for sale, there are many unique challenges and opportunities in financing the actual purchase of the home. One of those unique opportunities is the ability to include a down payment in a monthly rent credit fee paid over a long period of time. In other words, you can actually stretch out the down payment over the length of the contract in part or in full.The major reason that people borrow money, whether it is for a car or for rent to own homes, is simply because they … [Read more...]