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Check out the steps required for a successful rent to own transaction. If you are just beginning your search then you can start from the beginning. If you have already moved into a home or you are negotiating on a house, just jump right to those sections! We hope this guide makes your experience a successful one!


70-90% of rent to own buyers fail to purchase the home they move into and end up LOSING their option money and all rent credits they built while renting the home.

The information we are providing below and throughout this website can help MAKE YOU More SUCCESSFUL!

The Rent to Own Blueprint

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  1. Getting Started After Deciding to Rent to Own | Guide Overview
  2. Beginning Your Search for Rent to Own Homes
  3. A Must Have Item to Start Building Your Scores for a Mortgage
  4. Negotiating on the Rent to Own House
  5. Determining Your Credit Position and Raising Your Score
  6. Signing Agreements for Your New Rent to Own House
  7. Living in the Rent to Own Home
  8. Preparing to Close on the House

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I want you to get a great rent to own house that you eventually purchase for your family.

Again, I wish you and your family the best of luck purchasing your home!

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