Buyer’s Section

Take Advantage of this guide and be sure to follow these 4 critical steps needed to successfully buy your rent to own home.

Do you understand the basic concept of how a lease to own works?

If not, be sure to read our how it works page as soon as you can.

The 4 Critical Steps You Must Take To Succeed

Using a rent to own is an extremely powerful strategy that anyone can use to buy a home, regardless of your current credit score.

And yet, many are searching for their dream home while completely unprepared. They don’t have the critical steps and information necessary to successfully buy a home using this method.

When you are serious about buying with a lease to buy,
here are the 4 things you must get right:

1. Create Your Buyer Profile
2. Identify and Remove Errors
3. Speak to a Pro(FREE)
4. Searching Homes/Talking to Sellers