Step #1- Putting Together Your Rent To Own Profile

This step is quick and easy!

But, failing to put together your rent to own profile is one of the biggest mistakes a buyer can make.


When you skip this simple step, you will likely end up failing to purchase the rent to own house and completely swear off the idea of rent to own.

Creating your profile is that important!

Common Issues When Step #1 is Skipped:

  • Fail to qualify for mortgage before option period expires(Losing House)
  • Move into a home that is priced higher than their loan amount(Unable To Buy)
  • Fails to close because of confusion with actual closing costs(Unaffordable)
  • Ends up with a house payment $500 or more above their original rental amount(Unaffordable)

…And the list doesn’t stop there!

Thankfully, putting together your profile only takes a few minutes. So don’t end up with one of the issues listed above and follow along.


Did You Know…

You have THREE credit scores from three different bureaus?

It’s true, and all three credit scores affect you and your ability to be the perfect rent to own candidate. When you’re looking to qualify for a loan, mortgage companies don’t use just one of your scores. They take all three of your credit scores and find the average, or “middle score.”

The middle score is the magic number when qualifying you for a mortgage. Finding out your credit score will help you understand how long your option period needs to be… or if rent to own is not a good option for your family currently.


It is Important…

to pull your CURRENT credit report right now to take full advantage of this step-by-step guide for buyers.

Most free credit reporting companies give you only one score of your three. Having one of three is helpful, especially if you want to avoid spending the money to get all three reports.

But where do you go to get your credit report? It’s easy, below I have a company that gives you one report for free and another company that charges a minimal fee for all three reports. Pulling your credit score is the first step to rent until you own, take your pick!


One Credit Score for Free

This option is ideal for those who are ready to follow along, but want to save money with one free credit score. CLICK HERE to get your one credit score for free.


All Three Scores for a Small Fee

This option is perfect for those who are serious about creating a deep credit profile and/or have more extensive credit issues.CLICK HERE to grab all three credit reports and scores for a small fee.


Ready For Step #2?

Have your credit report handy, the only way you can be successful using this guide is to follow along with your credit report. Still need your credit report? No problem, just pull your credit report now. It’s simple.

Whether you pay for all three or get just one for free, print out your report (if possible, to easily review) and let’s get going to the next step!

*STEP #2 Identify and Remove Errors


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