The #1 Secured Credit Card

If you’ve never had a credit card or loan, or you currently have less than 2 OPEN credit card accounts, this secured credit card is likely for you.

A secured credit card is just like a ‘normal’ credit card, except you have to put down a security deposit to assure the company that you will repay them. Your security deposit is typically the same amount as your new credit limit. So, we recommend getting the lowest credit limit possible with any secured credit card.

Remember, the reason for setting up this secured credit card is to start building positive credit for yourself.


The Open Sky Secured Credit Card

The card we recommend is the OpenSky Secured credit card.

Click the link below to visit their site:



A Few Recommendations

I actually went through the process of getting this card myself. I wanted to make sure you would be getting what this company advertises, and I have to say I was impressed with them. But, having gone through the process, here are a few recommendations to make sure the signup process is a breeze for you:

  1. Choose a $200 Credit Limit.
    You have the option of choosing your credit limit, between $200 – $3,000. But, your security deposit is the same as your credit limit. So keep your extra money and just get the $200 limit and in a few months you will be qualifying for ‘normal’ credit cards.
  2. Fund your account with Western Union or by mailing a check.
    The option to fund your by Online Transfer(ACH) is pre-selected–selecting this method will require several extra unnecessary steps. When you get to the “Funding Options” section, just scroll down to the bottom and click the box that reads “I don’t have a checking account or would like to fund my security deposit using another method.”
  3. Choose the ‘Standard Delivery’ option.
    Do not pay the additional $50 to have the card rushed to you in 4 days. With standard delivery the card will arrive in 7-10 days. So save your money!


OpenSky Benefits

  • NO Credit Check
  • Reports to ALL 3 Bureaus each month
  • They Report Your Card as a ‘Normal’ Credit Card; Not as a Secured Card
  • Low APR
  • Works Everywhere Visa is Accepted
  • No Checking Account Required


Keep Us Posted

Let us know your experience as you are setting up your own account. Best of luck! Here is the link to their site one more time: